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What is Prud’homme Beer Certification®

There are Sommeliers but what’s a Prud’homme?

Typically, a sommelier refers to someone who is a steward of knowledge in the wine industry.  These experts have extensive knowledge and skill in wine and can share their passion with consumers.  Historically in the beer industry, there was no standard used to designate a beer expert. 

In 2009, Prud’homme Beer Certification® was created by Roger Mittag, the President of Thirst For Knowledge Inc.®   Roger came to realize that beer enthusiasts and industry professionals were all looking for a bit more information when it comes to Canada’s favourite beverage.

The translation of Prud’homme means ‘master craftsman or expert’.  “The description and fact that Louis Prud’homme was Canada’s first licensed brewer made the choice of the program name much easier”, said Mittag.

The program began in 2009 with a series of classroom sessions.  It was later realized that there needed to be an expanded availability of the popular Toronto-based program.  That forethought led to the development of the world’s first online beer education program. Prud’homme Beer Certification® now boasts three distinct levels that are online.  It is the only global beer education program that offers a Beer Sommelier designation online.

This multi-level beer education course is designed specifically for those who want to quench their desire for more information within the world of beer. The course content and curriculum is driven by input from industry insiders and former participants. The ultimate goal is to provide the best-in-class beer experiences to our students.

For more information, check out www.tfkbeer.com or contact Roger at rmittag@thirstforknowledge.ca