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Our Team

The Ontario Craft Brewers is a united voice that ensures a thriving craft beer industry in Ontario.

Board of Directors

Under 5,000 hL

  • Jeff Dornan

    Board Chair
    All or Nothing Brewery
  • Brad Clifford

    Clifford Brewing
  • Jason Fisher

    Indie Ale House Brewing
  • Josh Graham

    Silversmith Brewing

5,001–15,000 hL

  • Chris Thompson

    Whitewater Brewing Co.
  • Matt Giffen

    Bench Brewing
  • Mandie Murphy

    Left Field Brewery
  • Josh McJannett

    Dominion City Brewing Co.

15,001–40,000 hL

  • Peter Bulut

    Great Lakes Brewery
  • Natasha Fritzley

    Cowbell Brewing Co.
  • Matt Johnston

    Collective Arts Brewing

40,000+ hL

  • Todd Lewin

    Muskoka Brewery
  • Greg Taylor

    Steam Whistle Brewing
  • Justin McKellar

    Equals Brewing Co.

Staff and Consultants

  • Scott Simmons

  • Christine & Jenny Mulkins

    OCB Conference
  • Dirk Bendiak

    Technical Advisor
  • Drew Knox

  • Laura Taal

  • Ryan Cole

    Government Relations
  • Dave Kains

    Industry Analytics

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