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Master Framework Agreement in the Media

Lots of discussion about the future of the Master Framework Agreement are swirling around in the media these days.

While there is rightly lots of interest of what the future will look like, it is largely overlooking what changes craft brewers need ahead of it so they can compete and succeed in the new retail environment.

As the voice of craft beer in Ontario, we have been active in the media to drive the message home that lowering the taxes on craft brewers is essential to making sure that happens.

President Scott Simmons was featured in several pieces, including on CP24 and in the Ottawa Citizen stating that it is “critically important” that those tax rates are lowered, and specifically that “Immediately eliminating the nine cent beer can tax and lowering beer tax rates to bring them in line with other provinces like Alberta and B.C. would be a game changer.”

Craft brewers need immediate tax relief through eliminating the punitive beer can tax while the tax structure is overhauled to help breweries become more efficient, to grow, and create more jobs – benefiting consumers, the industry, and the province’s bottom line. That’s exactly what we’ll keep fighting for.

We are excited for the future of this industry and will continue to fight for brewers because with these changes, the sky is the limit! Visit www.keepcraftbeerlocal.ca to add your voice for a stronger craft beer sector in Ontario!