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A unique approach to Safeguarding Craft Breweries Across Canada

We are thrilled to present to you a game-changing opportunity that will revolutionize the way you protect your craft breweries. Beverage Protect, the industry leader in insurance solutions, is proud to align themselves with the Ontario Craft Brewers as we head into a challenging market and future of the brewing world.

We would like to introduce their new exclusive insurance program tailored specifically for craft breweries. Beverage Protect have been insuring breweries for over 10 years now and understand the unique challenges you face as craft brewers, and their unique approach to investing in risk comes with comprehensive insurance coverage and added benefits designed to safeguard your business, assets, and passion.

Understanding Craft Breweries:

Craft breweries are the heartbeat of the Canadian beer industry, crafting exquisite artisanal brews that captivate the palates of beer enthusiasts nationwide. They acknowledge the dedication, creativity, and hard work you invest in perfecting each batch. Yet, despite your meticulous efforts, unforeseen risks can threaten your brewery’s sustainability. Beverage Protect’s exclusive insurance program has been meticulously developed to protect you against these challenges, ensuring your craft brewery remains resilient and prosperous.

Tailored Coverage for Craft Breweries

Beverage Protect’s exclusive insurance program addresses the specific needs of craft breweries, combining industry expertise with unparalleled coverage options. Here’s a glimpse of what their program offers:

Equipment Breakdown Coverage: They understand the vital role your equipment plays in your brewing process. Their policy provides coverage for sudden and accidental breakdowns, protecting you from costly repairs and production delays.

Product Liability: Craft breweries must navigate potential product-related risks. Their comprehensive product liability coverage safeguards you against claims arising from consumption or use of your beers.

Contamination and Spoilage Coverage: Protect your reputation and finances against the risk of product contamination or spoilage with their tailored coverage options.

Business Interruption Insurance: In the event of a covered loss, their program ensures you have financial support to keep your business running smoothly during the downtime.

Property and General Liability: Safeguard your brewery premises and operations from unforeseen perils and potential lawsuits with their all-encompassing property and general liability coverage.

Why Choose Beverage Protect?

  • Experience: They focus solely on the brewing industry, allowing them to understand your unique risks and provide tailored solutions.
  • Customization & Competitive rates: Their exclusive program caters to craft breweries throughout Canada, ensuring all breweries, regardless of location, can benefit from their customized coverage and great rates.
  • Claims Handling Excellence: In the unfortunate event of a claim, their dedicated team of professionals will provide prompt and efficient assistance, minimizing disruptions to your operations.
  • Risk Management Support: Beyond insurance, they offer proactive risk management advice to help you mitigate potential threats and reduce overall exposure. For example, Key Man Insurance coverage, Brewery Building replacement cost appraisal, contract review etc.

Don’t leave the future of your craft brewery to chance. Join the exclusive group of breweries benefiting from Beverage Protect’s specialized insurance program. Together, you will safeguard your passion, creativity, and investment, ensuring your craft brewery thrives for generations to come.

To explore their exclusive insurance program further or to request a personalized quote, contact their founder and program specialist Joshua Kearley.

They look forward to partnering with you on this exciting journey.