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Stonehooker Brewing Company


The Stonehooker story began long ago, lasted some generations before it was history and today, forgotten. A home-grown industry that came and went, like the hundreds of brewers in Ontario who provided every community with the essential pints in that era. We’ve revived the Stonehooker history as we expect our beers to have a big personality just like they did.

With this we have been inspired to carry on in the spirit of the stonehooker:
We laugh. A lot.
We work hard, we enjoy the fruits of our labours.
We embrace a challenge and stormy weather.
We have respect for all with whom we associate.
We take pride in what we do.

Discover our brewery, here on Lakeshore on the outskirts of Port Credit. Relax, have fun, enjoy a cold one or a plank with some old friends or perhaps some new ones. Taste the difference a Stonehooker makes.
Remember, “When you’re down by the lake, drop in!”