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2018 Ontario Craft Brewers Conference

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Ontario Craft Brewers, the provincial industry association representing independent craft brewers, celebrated the success of all its members – and the industry as a whole – at OCBC 2018 last week, while also announcing details that its annual conference will be held at the Scotiabank Convention Centre in Niagara Falls, October 29-30, 2019. The OCB annual general meeting was also held in conjunction with the conference, which included the election of the incoming Board of Directors.

The Seventh annual Ontario Craft Brewers Conference & Suppliers Marketplace took place on Wednesday, November 7-8 at the Beanfield Centre at Exhibition Place in Toronto. 

“The OCB annual conference and trade show represents everything that makes craft brewing in Ontario so significant and special,” says Scott Simmons, President at Ontario Craft Brewers. “We share ideas, processes and thoughts on how to grow the industry – it’s a unique combination of respectful competition and business companionship.”

Keynote speakers, technical talks, breakout sessions, hops sessions, cider sessions, mentoring workshops, and other timely industry talks highlighted the two-day event, along with a Suppliers Marketplace.

Key event statistics this year included:

  • 1,100 registered attendees
  • 112 breweries, including cideries and distillers
  • 180 exhibitors from Canada, US and Europe

Ontario Craft Brewers wishes to acknowledge the generous funding provided by the Government of Ontario through its Tourism Development Fund 2018.

The craft beer segment in Ontario continues to grow at an incredible rate, including a 20% jump in sales versus a year ago, and now represents 8% of beer sales in Ontario.

2019 OCB Board of Directors

0-5,000 HL Category

Jeff Dornan – All or Nothing
Ken Woods – Black Oak
Mandie Murphy – Left Field
Ed Madronich – Shawn & Ed

5,001-15,000 HL Category

Lon Ladell – Big Rig
Matt Pearson – Sleeping Giant
Bill Coleman – Cameron’s
Rick Dalmazzi – Sawdust City

15,001-40,000 HL Category

Peter Bulut – Great Lakes
Matt Johnston – Collective Arts

40,000 HL+ Category

Andy Burgess – Steam Whistle
Todd Lewin – Muskoka
Steve Beauchesne – Beau’s
Jeff Carefoote – Amsterdam

The Board Officers will be chosen at the next Board meeting, including Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary.

About Ontario Craft Brewers: 

Ontario Craft Brewers (OCB) is an association of 90+ small, independent brewers dedicated to making great-tasting, high-quality beer across the province. OCB develops and produces hundreds of different brands and styles of beers using fresh, all-natural ingredients in communities throughout Ontario. These craft breweries are located in over 110 communities across the province and in total, there are over 270 operating breweries and brewpubs, with an estimated 75+ in various planning stages.