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Craft Brewers
The Ontario Craft Brewers (OCB) was established in 2003 when the brewing landscape was signi cantly di erent. Building on Ontario’s long history in brewing, it was clear that there was opportunity for growth. At its inception, OCB spearheaded an aggressive plan to change the face of the Ontario beer industry. It brought together 12 diverse breweries who embraced the plan and took action. A philosophy was born around traditional, small-batch, quality brewing that helped guide the years to follow.
Over the last fourteen years, the OCB has been determined to open markets for Ontario craft brewers. Through directed, collaborative advocacy e orts, the industry saw a shift in tax structures and improved access to retail channels, such as the LCBO, The Beer Store, and most recently grocery stores. These e orts have been strengthened by the province of Ontario’s commitment to job creation and economic stimuli to help build the industry. In addition, the OCB has led initiatives such as the Ontario Craft Beer Week and educational sessions, including Tech Talks, and has established a growing industry Conference that drives education, facilitates networking, and inspires the industry year after year. To date, OCB has funded its activities through valued memberships and by sourcing government funding, which has enabled the OCB to deliver signi cant value to the craft beer industry.
Today, the OCB is an association that represents close to 100 small, craft breweries across Ontario who represent over 95% of Ontario’s craft beer volume. Collectively we stand behind our fresh, natural, quality beer and our commitment to excellence. These brewers are proud of their local, independent ownership,  ercely loyal to traditional brewing methods, and work every day to give back to the communities they live and work in. They have all signed a brewer pledge that can be found in Appendix 2
Ontario Craft Brewers | Strategic Plan 2018-2027

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