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Executive Summary
The Ontario craft beer industry has been steadily and quickly growing since the 1980s, seeing its most signi cant development over the last  ve years.
Since 2003, Ontario Craft Brewers (OCB), along with support from the Ontario government, has played an integral role in fostering this growth. Through many industry initiatives and events, the association has raised the pro le of independent craft brewers. With an aggressive strategy and engaged membership, it worked with the Government of Ontario to establish new policies. OCB has supported sector collaboration and knowledge transfer through an annual conference, a dedicated Craft Beer Week, and numerous technical and marketing programs.
With access to large retail channels, including the LCBO, The Beer Store, and most recently grocery stores; growing interest among consumers; and over 100 new breweries expected to hit the market in the next year, it is an exciting time for craft beer.
At this pivotal point in the industry’s growth, it is a perfect time for OCB to celebrate its past successes, acknowledge areas for improvement, and plan to be even stronger tomorrow. The OCB is in a position to leverage its history and to take an even bigger role in the future of the alcohol beverage industry.
In September 2017, OCB embarked on a strategic planning process in which signi cant stakeholder engagement took place. Engagement strategies used to solicit input included focus groups, an online survey, and key informant interviews. Throughout the engagement phase, from Monday September 18th – Friday October 6th, 2017, input and feedback were gathered from a total of:
» 52 participants in six focus groups
» 23 key informant interviews
» 118 respondents to the online survey
A Strategic Board Retreat took place on October 25, 2017. At this point, engagement results were reviewed, industry trends were considered, and the future of the industry remained the focus while thoughtfully considering the future of the association.
Ontario Craft Brewers | Strategic Plan 2018-2027

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