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All of the Ontario Craft Brewers have pledged to share their ever-growing base of knowledge through participation in their own Technical Committee and its ongoing education program. Ontario's passionate brewers pride themselves on being part of their community, providing jobs in cities and towns throughout the province. With their  nely crafted brews, they bring awareness to the historical events of a region, its people and the unique elements that reinforce local pride in their communities.
With more than 80 enthusiastic, innovative brewers working together, the Ontario Craft Brewers are com- mitted to building Ontario as a North American centre of excellence for craft brewing.
De nition of an Ontario Craft Brewer
Ontario Craft Brewers (OCB) are local and de ned as:
Most Ontario Craft Brewers are small and many are family-owned. The current maximum size of an On- tario Craft Brewer is 400,000 hectolitres of annual worldwide beer production.
Independently owned and is not signi cantly controlled by a beer company who does not qualify as an Ontario Craft Brewer.
Pledge to brew traditional and innovative beers according to the Ontario Craft Brewers' Brewing Philoso- phy. The original Philosophy was signed on April 12, 2006 and was updated in September 2013. It is set out on this page.
Ontario Craft Brewers must produce at least 80% of their Ontario sales in their Ontario brewery, close to the markets and the communities they serve. The breweries are open to the public, other brewers and beer enthusiasts.

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