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Appendix 11: Ontario Craft Brewers Brewing Philosophy
Originally agreed upon April 12, 2006. Updated December 15, 2016
The strength of Ontario Craft Brewers is based on a passion to rekindle and keep alive the spirit of trad- itional brewing. Throughout history, breweries have been an integral part of their local communities and the beer produced has re ected the pride, passion and personality of the brewer and the community.
Brewing in smaller, single purpose batches, and within accepted craft product quality guidelines, Ontario Craft Brewing artisans brew traditional styles of beer. They are inspired by thousands of years of brewing history to create new taste adventures using a variety of natural ingredients and innovative recipes.
Local beer crafted by the creative, enthusiastic, community-oriented Ontario Craft Brewers will provide great enjoyment to all who share the experience.
Commitment to Our Brewing Philosophy
We, the Ontario Craft Brewers, continually strive to improve quality and honour traditional craft brewers through a replication of time-honored brewing styles and a commitment to this Brewing Philosophy.
We continue to be inspired by their example and remain committed to individual expression to create high quality, innovative, and unique beers. The result is a variety of distinctive,  avourful styles and taste pro les that appeal to beer lovers with a sense of discovery and adventure.
Local means fresh. Great taste and quality are always at the forefront of Ontario Craft Beer. Local, small batch brewing and a freshness guarantee are just the beginning. All Ontario Craft Brewers also pledge to brew naturally with malt and other grains, not wort extract, as a foundation for their beers, maintaining authenticity to traditional styles, and using only all-natural, pure ingredients. There are no chemical addi- tives,  llers or preservatives in OCB craft beers.
All Ontario Craft Brewers' beers are brewed in single purpose batches and once they are fully ferment- ed, a Craft Brewer does not dilute, blend, or manipulate their beer unless it is to enhance rather than lighten the  avour. The primary source of fermentable sugars is derived from the grains used in the brewing process. Non-malt sugar sources, spices and other ingredients are sometimes used to accen- tuate  avour and add to the distinctiveness of the beer.
Cask and barrel aged beers are great examples of the enhancement of  avour with the addition of such ingredients as dry hopping, vanilla beans or residual bourbon  avours providing wonderful nuances to a beer.
Ontario Craft Brewers currently produce over 450 unique brands based on either traditional brewing styles such as Pilsner, Vienna-style Lager, Munich Dunkel, Weiss Beer, Nut Brown Ale, Bitters, Imperial Stout or the very innovative styles such as Hemp, Cranberry Wheat, Cask-conditioned Lager, Mead, Co ee Porter. Note: malt beverages are not considered to be craft beers.
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