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Stakeholder Engagement: Why, Who and How?
Increasingly, associations, non-pro ts, and public-sector organizations both desire, and are expected, to periodically “check in” with those stakeholders who interact with them most often. Strategic plans that provide meaningful direction over the course of their stated duration rely on an authentic engagement process, one that genuinely seeks input and allows for those invested in the success of an organization to provide ideas, input, and feedback. Of course, conceptually, leadership means to ask tough questions, make decisions, encourage commitment, and provide the direction an organization requires.
Properly done, stakeholder engagement is in no way an abdication or devolution of leadership. It’s the opposite. Leaders who reach out and seek the input of the people delivering or receiving services every day are far more likely to craft future strategic directions that will resonate with those they a ect, and those who must implement them.
Before striking new strategic directions, OCB decided early on to seek input from a wide array of stakeholders. In doing so, OCB ensured that its next strategic plan will have a solid base and be informed by experience, evidence, and the broadest-held perceptions.
The engagement phase took place between Monday September 18th and Friday October 6th, 2017. Engagement sessions and opportunities were promoted by email, word of mouth, and phone calls.
The survey and the focus group sessions had two general purposes:
» To engage stakeholders by gathering input, ideas, suggestions and including them in the planning process directly and in a meaningful way
» To educate stakeholders about the work of OCB and generally promote the mission and vision to the community (as a positive legacy of the planning process)
OCB invited the following audiences to participate in the engagement:
» OCB Members
» OCB Consultants
» OCB Board Members
» Non-members
» Retail partners (LCBO, The Beer Store, Grocery)
» Associations (provincial, national, and U.S.)
» Beer writers and educators

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