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The Board of Directors and leadership are both proud of the OCB’s successes to date. Our new strategic directions will help to keep us focused on improving everything we do for our members and for the craft beer industry as a whole.
We thank all those who lent their voices by contributing ideas, suggestions and feedback. We have listened and included these perspectives in our planning for the future.
The Board of Directors looks forward to reporting on our progress over time, and to a strong track record of performance over the next ten years.
Appendix 1: Overview of Engagement Process
Setting out with the goal of creating an inspiring and actionable strategic plan, Ontario Craft Brewers (OCB) saw meaningful stakeholder engagement as a critical early step in the process.
Before identifying the strategic priorities, the Board reached out to capture and engage the voices of OCB’s key stakeholders. Their feedback will serve to strengthen and shape the next strategic plan.
Engagement strategies used to solicit input included focus groups, an online survey, and key informant interviews. Throughout the engagement phase, from Monday September 18th – Friday October 6th, 2017, input and feedback were gathered from a total of:
» 52 participants in six focus groups
» 23 key informant interviews
» 118 respondents to the online survey
A Strategic Board Retreat was held October 25th at which point the results of the engagement was reviewed and considered. Following this, a draft strategic plan was made available for review and comment.
Ontario Craft Brewers | Strategic Plan 2018-2027

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