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6 Grow Our Business Sustainably
Sustainability is part of the craft brewing DNA. Ontario craft brewers have been integrating sustainability into their business models and practices for many years. As a shared principle and in supporting the success of our members, and the growth of the industry, we will pursue opportunities that embrace sustainable businesses approaches and environmental considerations.
Our Commitments
Over the next  ve years, we commit to “Grow Our Business Sustainably” by:
6.1 Partnering with government: working with relevant government ministries to support their environmental mandates, ensuring our industry is the role model and best example for sustainable growth around the world.
6.2 Developing strategic alliances: developing strong relationships and partnerships with key third-party entities and agencies to build the sustainability skill sets and competencies, and implementing programs that ful ll environmental mandates and public policy priorities.
6.3 Strengthening local supplier partnerships: strengthening relationships with and supporting local suppliers to ensure our members are brewing with fresh, local, and natural ingredients.
Annual Planning
Our new strategic directions provide the OCB with focus and a clear framework to drive change and progress. The Board has committed to supporting the high level plan each year with an annual operating plan that will include:
1. Initiatives,goalsandobjectivesthatalignwithanddriveeach strategic direction;
2. A balanced scorecard with key performance indicators, targets and measurements;
3. Annual review of progress on the directions, and amending strategies as the situations and circumstances change over the next ten years.

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