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4 Diversify Our Revenue
As our  nancial landscape shifts, we must strengthen our  nancial foundation. We will be innovative
in our approach. We will be strategic in our implementation as we e ectively leverage the broadest support necessary to achieve sustainable growth. We will do this in a way that ensures autonomy in our ability to represent our members.
Our Commitments
Over the next ten years, we commit to “Diversify Our Revenue” by:
4.1. Leveraging opportunities and assets: seeking ways to diversify revenue streams, such as sponsorships, new events, and fee-for-service o erings, that will ensure the continuity of valued programs and services.
4.2. Expanding the membership: creating a  nancially sustainable membership base by broadening the structure, membership categories, and o ering clear bene ts.
4.3. Exploring project funding: fostering government relations in a way that supports aligned third party stakeholder initiatives, targeted projects and deliverables, as opposed to core operational funding
5 Strengthen Our Capacity
To ensure our ability to e ectively lead the craft beer industry through its next 10 years of growth, the OCB will e ciently align internal resources, reinforce its governance, and strengthen relationships with members and allied partners.
Our Commitments
Over the next  ve years, we commit to “Strengthen Our Capacity” by:
5.1. Implementing the right internal structure: matching our internal resources to the strategic directions and operational objectives, ensuring e ciency while planning for clear, measurable outcomes.
5.2. Creating a supportive governance environment: ensuring our governance model is appropriate for our industry, and that it bene ts from the knowledge, expertise and passion of our member volunteers and other key functional experts.
5.3. Aligning with core retail channels: jointly creating opportunities for open communication, new positioning, and education for mutually bene cial growth to enhance the craft beer presence through our retail partners.
Ontario Craft Brewers | Strategic Plan 2018-2027

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