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2 Broaden Our Membership
To e ectively support the industry in its growth, we understand that broader representation is key. Collectively, we will add credibility and enhance our overall in uence. We plan to re-energize the membership, enhance opportunities for engagement, and empower entrepreneurs for future success.
Our Commitment
Over the next ten years, we commit to “Broaden Our Membership” by:
2.1. Enlisting new members: designing a membership model that re ects the future, celebrates independence, is inclusive, works for all sizes and types of brewers, as well as for suppliers, other key partners, and consumers who are part of the industry’s innovation ecosystem. Together, our voice will have more power, add credibility, and increase our overall in uence.
2.2. Engaging with members: o ering multiple opportunities for members to participate in strategy development, program implementation, and designing future growth opportunities in ways that ensure they are heard, and their contributions leveraged.
2.3. Delivering more value: designing and delivering services and bene ts that are based on member needs, emerging trends, and that are driven by the overall success of the craft beer industry. This may include relevant networking and education opportunities, technical and quality guidance, and re-invigorated advocacy.
3 Tell Our Story of Success
Craft brewing has a strong history and delivers great economic impact. It’s time to celebrate our story. We will increase awareness among consumers about craft beer, the importance of independence, and the impact we make right across Ontario in small towns and large cities. Ultimately, our goal is to empower the consumer to learn, try, and choose craft eagerly and often.
Our Commitments
Over the next ten years, we commit to “Tell Our Story of Success” by:
3.1. Owning the message: taking a positive, solution-focused, and planned approach to informing the consumer about the range, quality, importance, and bene ts of craft beer and craft brewing. This means leveraging local stories and empowering members to be local ambassadors with toolkits and aligned messaging.
3.2. Demonstrating local impact: sharing economic impact data, sustainable business practices, and research, and shaping messaging that ampli es the di erentiators of both independently owned and local community connections and their impact on things such as tourism and job creation.
3.3. Educating consumers: clarifying “what real craft beer is” and “why buying Ontario produced craft beer is important” will enable consumers to make purchasing choices that will increase craft beer loyalty, individual brand awareness, and increase market share.

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