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Strategic Directions
With a re-invigorated vision, the Ontario Craft Brewers is committing to a ten-year strategic plan.
As such, the strategic directions are broad and oriented to the future. This allows the association to respond and adapt as circumstances change over the years. The directions o er a framework for the development of annual operating plans with measurable goals and objectives, along with Key Performance Indicators. These annual plans will operationalize the longer-term strategic directions.
Following are the six identi ed strategic directions:
Lead Our Industry
Craft beer is who we are. It is the reason we are here. Supporting the bold entrepreneurs who contribute so signi cantly to our economy is our purpose. We strive to share knowledge, collaborate on strategy, and ultimately create opportunities for our members. It is an exciting time, and to lead the craft beer industry in the years of growth ahead, we will be stronger and more e ective united as one. To create this unity and strength, we intend to continuously engage all those across the craft beer industry and reinforce our focus on opening new markets and driving growth.
Our Commitment
Over the next ten years, we commit to “Lead Our Industry” by:
1.1. Generating business intelligence: understanding and sharing information and data that will impact the direction of the industry. We will be the generators and keepers of the knowledge for our most important business intelligence, such as economic impact, sector trends, and emerging opportunities that will help with business decisions and focus our future e orts.
1.2. Opening new markets: working together, we will de ne success our way and create strategies to open new markets. Keeping our members’ best interests in mind, these channels may include but are not limited to independent stores, cross selling, farmers’ markets, and exports.
1.3. Advocating for success: working closely with allied associations, and federal and provincial government on current policies and tax structure, and ensuring policy and regulatory changes that re ect the needs of the industry, and protect and preserve pro tability.
Ontario Craft Brewers | Strategic Plan 2018-2027

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