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Mission + Vision fo
the Future
Ultimately, in a constantly evolving industry and with a potential to grow the market, the OCB is in a position to build on its successes and to take an even bigger role in the future of craft beer.
Through the process, a new OCB mission became clear:
To be a catalyst for growth in Ontario’s craft beer industry by creating an environment of inclusiveness, collaboration, innovation, and advocacy for all stakeholders.
With this, a new OCB vision is born:
The OCB will be the uni ed voice for the Ontario craft beer industry. We envision an Ontario where craft beer is sustainably produced, readily available, clearly understood, and consistently chosen.
The mission and vision will support not only the association and the industry, but will contribute to building a stronger Ontario and keeping our investments local.
Through the newly established strategic directions, the OCB will commit to delivering the following targets. By 2027, the OCB will have:
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Created opportunities to grow the provincial market to 20% of total beer volume.
Broadened the membership to represent the majority of craft brewers, and all related stakeholders.
Ensured that every Ontario citizen has access to locally and independently produced craft beer.
Created thousands of new jobs in both urban and rural to support this rapidly growing industry and the Ontario economy.

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