Ontario Craft Brewers (OCB) is a trade association of 80+ small, independent brewers dedicated to making great-tasting, high-quality beer across the province. The members of the OCB develop and produce hundreds of different brands and styles of beer using fresh, all natural ingredients in communities throughout Ontario. These craft breweries are located in over 110 communities across the province and in total, there are over 270 operating breweries and brewpubs, with an estimated 75+ in various planning stages.

The OCB was founded in 2003 as the Ontario Small Brewers Association to work collectively on marketing and communications programs to promote local breweries and the craft beer being brewed in Ontario. Member dues, an Annual Conference and ongoing, proactive opportunities currently fund the OCB.

The OCB adopted the name Ontario Craft Brewers and launched their first marketing campaign under that brand in Spring 2005. We chose "Ontario Craft Brewers" as our name, because it speaks to the tradition of care and craftsmanship that we insist upon when brewing our beer. It's taste that we're obsessed with, and taste that distinguishes us from other beers.

Our vision: The OCB will be the unified voice for the Ontario craft beer industry, where craft beer is sustainably produced, readily available, clearly understood, and consistently chosen.

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